Oak & Linden offer a range of personalised services, including wedding styling, floristry, wedding planning*, interior styling and colour consultancy. Style is everything at Oak & Linden, where we turn special into unforgettable!

Melissa Kuti established Oak & Linden in London, upon discovering her passion for design and styling. Originally trained as an Art Historian, Melissa has always had a keen eye for beautiful design. Due to her clean, simple yet quirky style, Melissa spent two successful years styling events abroad. Now she is back in Sydney to share her passion and expertise not only in events, but interiors as well.

At Oak & Linden, we support local artists, designers and craftsmen wherever possible. We pride ourselves on creating unique objects and spaces with their help. We are also supporters of award winning international design and a keen advocate of green initiatives.

* We also plan and style bespoke events such as corporate functions, baby showers and bah mitzvahs. Please contact us for a bespoke package

the myth

The idea for the name Oak & Linden comes from the ancient myth of Baucis and Philemon within Ovid’s ‘Metamorphosis’. A poem of hospitality and enduring love (not to mention great styling!), it has always resonated with me. It reflects my background as a historian and my values as a planner and stylist.

The short of the story goes:

Two gods, Zeus and Hermes, come to a village disguised as peasants seeking food and shelter. The villagers turn them away until a poor couple living in a very humble dwelling on the outskirts of the village take pity on them and offered their hospitality. In reward, the gods turn their poor house into a beautiful marble temple and grant them their one wish: to die together, when the time comes, so as to never live without each other.

“Their little shed scarce large enough for two. Seems from the ground increased in height and bulk to grow. A stately temple shoots within the skies. The crotches of their cot in columns rise. The pavement polished marble they behold. The gates with sculpture graced the spires and tiles of gold.”

At a ripe old age, when death knocks on their door, they are transformed into entwined trees: one an Oak, the other a Linden.

You can read the full story here.

friends of O&L

what people are saying

I was expecting your standard wedding planner but what I got surpassed my wildest expectations. Oak & Linden really listened to what we wanted. Their dedication to detail, professionalism and expertise in design took my wedding to another level and I knew I was dealing with people I could trust. In fact, we were so impressed that we have decided to employ Oak & Linden to design and style our new home. – Lauren

As a groom, I really had no concept of the unbelievable amount of detail that goes into one day. Planning a wedding and maintaining a busy work schedule would’ve been impossible without Melissa. I was so impressed that she seemed to understand both myself and my fiancé’s personalities and captured cool parts of who we are on the day. Thank you Melissa. – Matt

Oak & Linden restyled our bedroom after our last move. They took into account our interests and personalities, transforming our room into a welcoming and inspirational space that we love escaping into. Thank you Oak & Linden we certainly recommend your services! – Sue