17 Feb 14
Creating a Gallery Wall

When creating a gallery wall, whether it be for your home or your wedding, the creative opportunities are endless. We have listed our top 5 tips and tricks to creating a gallery with style…

 #1 The shape

Don’t just look for inspiration images and copy the frame layouts. Each space is different. The arrangement should respond to its surroundings, whether that be architectural features or furniture and accessory placements.


If you don’t want the whole wall to be a gallery then pick a piece of furniture like a couch or console table that the gallery will be above and make the frames fit within (or slightly bleed out of) the space above it. Play with layouts on the floor but always be aware of what surrounds the pictures on the wall… a beam, a lamp, etc.

hall panel 

#2 Gallery walls dont need to be for pictures alone!

Shake up the display a little by incorporating collected objects, flowers and interesting textures. It will add another dimension to the display and always be the thing that people stop and comment on!

plates hanging pictures hall2

#3 Break the rules!

Nowadays there seems to only be one rule…don’t follow any! Mix modern and contemporary frames or make your display come down super low (even bellow the furniture)…maybe even use a tree! A theme like travel shots or colours can unite a gallery or mixing themes together can also create an interesting display. Don’t be afraid to take a risk, the quirkier the better!

frames 3d244a3c66c75b1af3f624b3ce5c781d 6d036ae634f9bc5a0ad6dd56ee9c9cdf tree

# 4 For the formal spaces…

Symmetry and mountboards are a good way to create a more formal looking gallery wall. Be sure to buy frames that are big enough to allow a substantial framing around your picture. Something about that white surround makes everything seem more expensive!

formal drawing

#5 Plan ahead and save the tears!

Lean the pictures and objects against the wall or lay them out on the floor in the positions of where you think you want them. This is your time to figure out what looks best next to each other  Next, sketch a picture of the wall, furniture and frames beforehand to figure out their placement or try your hand at Sketch-up  You don’t need to get fancy, its just a good way of figuring out your placement.  If you’re really worried about banging holes in your wall you can always print out a template. I always do this, especially if there are loads of pictures or I’m adding shelves or recesses to a wall as well. Lastly, why not use removable picture hooks? That way if you make a mistake or you want to change it down the track there’s no nasty nails in your wall!


Cover image: http://www.hgtv.com/decorating-basics/how-to-create-an-art-gallery-wall/pictures/index.html

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